Alex Holmes
1920s Alias: The Tinker Thai
Favourite Cocktail :Old Fashioned
Factoid: I've ridden an ostrich!
Sara Stephens
1920s Alias: Ada Coleman
Favourite Cocktail: Negroni
Factoid: Bungee jumped two different platforms in one day
Laura Barrett
1920s Alias: The Blonde with the Monkey on Her Shoulder
Favourite Cocktail: Margarita
Factoid: Taylor Swift super fan!
Joe Taylor
1920s Alias: Booze Town Blitz
Favourite Cocktail: Side Car
Factoid: I can make 3 blueberry daiquiri's in 47 seconds!
Tasha Salimi
1920s Alias: T Diddy
Favourite Cocktail: Long Island Ice Tea
Factoid: I speak 3 languages!
Morale Manager
1920s Alias: The Scotch Bonnet
Favourite Cocktail: Chilled Spring Water
Factoid: Lived life on the streets of America before being adopted!