• We do not sell any alcohol! So what should you bring for us to mix? – you can bring whatever spirit, liqueur or apéritif you wish! Our mixologists love a challenge!
    • We will use a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, syrups, spices, herbs, cordials, bitters, and fruits to mix with your chosen tipples
    • Whether you want to stick with a mix you know you like, or experiment with something new, our highly trained mixologists will create a cocktail to satisfy your cocktail urges!
    • Table for 2 hours – you can pay for longer, just drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do!
    • £19 per person – that’s it for the whole 2 hours. You won’t have to pay a penny more
    • How do you make a reservation? Go to our reservations page! If you’re having issues with the booking process (you don’t use PayPal or the processes just isn’t working!) you can contact us directly on info@bringandmix.com
    • I don’t drink can I still come? Of course! We’ll make you the finest faux-tails in the city!
    • Can you mix the classics? – Of course! Take a look at our Classic Cocktails Menu to know what base spirits to bring.
    • How much alcohol should I bring? We recommend around 1x 700ml for a group size of 2 people.
    • What do I do with my bottle if I’m going out afterwards? We offer a free ‘bottle-babysitting’ service! We’ll label your bottle and look after it for up to 1 week whilst you enjoy your night out. Feel free to collect it at any time during the week when Retro Cafe and Rawberry are open (Monday to Sunday 10am to 2pm). Why not couple your visit by having a warm coffee or delicious cooked breakfast?*
    • What’s your largest group size? We love large groups! We can cater for most group sizes with a private hire, just email us on info@bringandmix.com and we’ll tell you what we can do!
    • What if I want to tip? Although we do not expect tips for our service, they are gratefully appreciated and most welcome! We have a little jar on the side where we split the tips between all of the hard working staff that night.


I need more information! No problem! Just email us on info@bringandmix.com and fire away with your questions!

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*guests who leave their alcohol need to collect it within 1 week of their visit.  After this date the bottles will be removed. The venue cannot be held responsible for items left at the premises.